For over twenty years, ZAMEL has been the “world leader” in the production of bells, coaxial cables and electronic devices. As time went by, the company extended their range of manufactured assortment in order to meet client expectations. Modern business processes help us to keep looking ahead and to seek new solutions and market segments, which we will be able to cultivate. As a result, our range now includes cables (coaxial cables, LAN cables and others) and leads as well as other electrical-installation related goods, wireless paging systems, home automation and remote controlled equipment as well as doorphone systems.

For the last several years, SMATV (ang. Satellite Master Antenna TeleVision) and CATV (ang. Community Antenna TeleVision) devices have also been included in our range. These devices have been designed by our design engineers and are manufactured at Company Headquarters in Pszczyna (Poland). Both the installation as well as the entire technological operation is carried out under the watchful eye of qualified engineers and technicians. The quality of our products meets all necessary standards. We can also produce CATV and MATV products on special order.

The genuine and professional manner we approach our clients with as well as the competency and creativity of our management and employees, allow us to achieve exceptional results with trade partners in over 45 countries worldwide.

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