ul. Stępińska 22/30, 00-739 Warszawa
tel (022) 771 61 28, tel/fax (022) 771 43 83

SATEL S.A. is a public limited company founded by its stockholders in 1990. The Company's principal place of business is Warsaw, where its , Sales Office is located. The Manufacturing Department R & D Department as well as Management are located in Marki near Warsaw.

Since its very beginning SATEL S.A. has been active on the cable and satellite TV market. Our portfolio of reliable state-of-the-art and quality products of our own manufacture and design is continuously expanded to products of leading companies SATEL S.A. is the exclusive or authorized distributor of which.

At present, the Company offers products and goods that enable owners of the existing cable TV systems to convert them into wide-band telecommunications systems supporting bi-directional analog and digital (TV, radio, telephone and Internet data) transmission and new investors to build future-oriented transmission systems from scratch.

Added to our cable TV and telecommunications offerings is computer and electro-installation system hardware that may be used for comprehensive equipment of modern offices, hotels, banks, detached and multi-family houses.

SATEL S.A. has an extended chain of distributors. It exports its products to many European countries. Necessary certificates and approvals, either domestic or international (CE, ISO9001), are attached to the products we offer.

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